Below is a partial list of original Auntie Kayte songs with links to lyrics and some song notes. If there is a recorded version of the song, you'll be able to listen to it on the page. You can download the full lyric book PDF for my CD, Rufus the Unicorn and Other Upside-Down Fairytale Songs. Subscribe to Auntie Kayte's email list for updates and new music.

Blow Away the Rain, Lyric & Song (Full song and round)

The Cowboy (Cowgirl) Song (When I Grow Up I'm Gonna Be A Cowboy) Lyrics & Song

Dream Fairy Lyric

A Friend Today, Lyric

Get Up, It's Morning!, Lyric & Song

Giggly You and Me, Lyric & Song

Give Us A Chance (Equal Opportunity), Lyric & Song

Good Night, Good Knight, Lyric

Good Old Words, Lyric & Song

Green Again Lyric

If You Think You Can, You Can Lyric & Notes

I Love My Fingers, Lyric & Notes

I'm a Good Friend, Lyric

I'm Sorry, Lyric & Song

It's Impossible for Bees to Fly Lyric

La La Lullaby (O Baby Mine), Lyric

Leap Frog Lyric

Lullaby of Hope, Lyric & Song

Mommy and Daddy Are Always in Your Dreams, Lyric & Notes

My Friend Rainbow, Lyric

My Toys (I Put My Toys Away) Lyric, Song & Notes

Permission to Be Awesome, Lyric

Pirates Are People Too, Lyric, Song & Notes

A Princess Can Be Smart, Lyric, Song & Notes

A Rainbow Song Lyric

Responsibility, Lyric

The Right Side (Wrong Side) of the Bed Lyric, Song & Notes

Rufus the Unicorn, Lyric, Song & Notes

Sunshine in My Pocket, Lyric & Song

Take Care of Yourself, Lyric & Notes

The Tasting Song (I Take a Little Lick), Lyric and Notes

Thrive Lyric, Song & Notes

What Can I Do for the World Today, Lyric & Notes

What Lights Me Up? Lyric & Notes

When I Talk To Myself, Am I Kind? Lyric